Whether We Live or Die, We Are the Lord’s

For none of us has life in himself, and none becomes his own master when he dies. For if we have life, we are alive in the Lord, and if we die, we die in the Lord. So, then, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s possession. (BCP p. 491)

We have a special name for a funeral. We call it “The Liturgy of the Resurrection.” At its hearts, it is a celebration and a thanksgiving. While this may seem like a euphemism to help grieving people feel better, we truly believe in the statement of faith behind the name. Every funeral, every memorial service, every celebration of the life of a departed loved one is an opportunity for us to celebrate God’s promise that nothing — not even death — can separate us from his love. This is what we proclaim on the day when we remember a loved one with a special service in his or her honor.

When Someone Dies

We are never prepared for the emotional and spiritual shock and heavy responsibilities that come when someone we love dies. St. Alban’s Church is here to help you with decisions, obligations, and the Christian Services that are so important in dealing with the grief we experience. The Church is a community of hope, not in spite of, but because of death. Because Jesus died on the Cross and rose from the dead, we believe that we, too, shall live with him despite our death. When someone you love dies, the Church is present to reaffirm that resurrection hope, to offer you confidence in the midst of mourning, and to provide practical help in burial arrangements.

Help and Hope

When someone you love is near death, please do not delay in contacting the parish office at (207) 799-4014. The clergy of the parish will come to wherever you are. They will gather family and friends and offer prayers, often called the “Last Rites” of the Church, to commend your loved one to God. The clergy will also offer you practical counsel and support. This includes making arrangements for the liturgy and determining the details for burial or cremation.

For any end-of-life challenges please do not hesitate to on the clergy of St. Alban’s.

For more information about holding a funeral at St. Alban’s, please contact The Rev. Timothy A. Boggs at

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