Youth Confirmation

St. Alban’s offers annual formation designed to help youth discern, with the support of their community, whether they desire the rite of Confirmation. “What is that?” you may ask. You are in good company! Confirmation is practiced in a variety of ways throughout the church, but the central touchstone is that Confirmation is a “mature public affirmation of faith and commitment to the responsibilities of Baptism” received in the midst of the community and by the laying on of hands by the bishop (Book of Common Prayer, page 412). It is a bounded process, and a momentary ritual, which become a visible sign of something much more enduring; a practice of faithfulness being lived out day-after-day. Notice the similarity in this sense to the Eucharist! It is tangible and momentary, yet also a sign of an enduring relationship with God, and God’s grace-filled love in our lives. In the communal life of the church Confirmation is the entry ritual into adulthood.
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Adult Confirmation

Adults are also most welcome to consider the mature affirmation of faith found in Confirmation. Those who were confirmed in another denomination may also choose to be Received  into the Episcopal Church. Both Confirmation and Reception involve a short course of study and discernment followed by a service in which the bishop lays hands upon those to be confirmed and received and welcomes their adult commitment to the church. At St. Alban’s the course of study before Confirmation and Reception of adults is led by the rector during a few weeks each winter. The service with the bishop  is held in the spring. For more information please contact the rector at


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