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Dear St. AlBlue Cross Revban’s Friends,

Something very old has come to St. Alban’s in a fresh, new way.
Our much-loved 5:30 p.m. Sunday worship service has been given distinctive new life as
Celtic Eventide, a weekly time for contemplation and prayer with Celtic music and an
open table for Communion.

In our hurried and noisy world, we offer gracious space and an evening’s hour to enjoy
the power of quiet … gently touched by candlelight, music and prayer. The Celtic tradition holds that we find God in Christ in our hearts, in each other, and in all creation.

Through moments of reflection and calm, quiet words, fine music and the sacrament of Communion, we refresh this tradition with our own St. Alban’s hospitality. This spirituality, part of our Anglican/Episcopal tradition, took root in Scotland, Ireland, North Umbria and their coastal islands. It seems particularly appropriate to our Maine coastal life where we often seek to be part of God’s creation and long for thoughtful connection to the natural world and to one another.  We offer this rich experience for frequent church-goers, those who find that traditional Sunday morning worship does not fit their style or needs, and those who have never attended church, indeed ALL who seek God’s grace in their lives.

Inviting Celtic music with traditional hymns are played by a quartet of Portland musicians.  : Oboist Mike Albert, and flutist Nicole Rabata are joined by  pianist Tom Kovacevic. Two of these artists will worship with us each week.

As always, we welcome the faithful, the seeker, the doubter, the hopeful, the troubled and the joyful.


Come as you are for God’s embrace is wide.


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The Rev. Timothy Boggs, Rector

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