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Update March 2020

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we have moved our Celtic Service to every Sunday at 5:30 pm by Zoom. Same spiritual words and beautiful music. Each week the bulletin and the service Zoom meeting are on the landing page of our website.


Update 3/15/2019

4 of our wonderful musicians performed a concert at St. Alban’s on March 15th.

In case you missed it but would like to listen  click here



A Note from Tim+ and Peggy Williams

Dear Celtic Eventide community,

Happy 2019!

I hope you all enjoyed some amount of rest, peace and time with family and/or friends during the busyness of the holiday season.

Among the many wonderful things that are true about our Celtic Eventide experience is that we have all stepped up leaders of the various aspects of this great weekly gathering. It has been a joy being the coordinator. But I seem to have worked myself out of a job!

I am writing to let you know that I will no longer be over-all coordinator of the Celtic Eventide Service. It’s good news because it means all of you who participate in the service are stepping up to the plate and taking ownership.

Thanks for always being responsive when I have asked for help in some way.

In an effort to keep abreast of our vital, growing community I feel it is best to find coordinators for each particular aspect of the service. The coordinators will make sure the duties have been filled online at least a week ahead of a particular service. Hopefully, they will not have to recruit much since all of you are so great about signing up. I will give each leader a list of people who participate in those capacities. Please contact them directly if you wish to try out something or have a question. They will also be available to help train newcomers when we have training sessions. As many of you know we have an online google doc that we introduced about a year ago. We are no longer going to have hard copy sign-up sheets at the service since the online system is working well. Anyone can access the link by going directly to the St. Alban’s web page, clicking onto Celtic Eventide icon, and again onto “Click Here to participate in services.”

The coordinators for each Eventide duty are now as follows:

Maryann & Jeff Sedlack: Hospitality Set-up/Clean-up in Kitchen and Sanctuary,

and Greeters

Judy Kline: Altar Guild

Donald Hankinson: Readers

Peggy Williams with the Rev. Tim: Reflections

Joan Hankinson: Chalice Bearers, Candle-lighters

Marby Payson: Healing Prayers

In addition to being the Reflection coordinator I will continue to organize the twice yearly Celtic supper gatherings/meetings and be a “floater,” always willing and eager to hear your thoughts and ideas!

While we are working to make the service run more efficiently we will continue to worship and celebrate together in a contemplative, friendly, caring and fun way!

With much appreciation,

Peggy Williams


Dear St. AlBlue Cross Revban’s Friends,

Something very old has come to St. Alban’s in a fresh, new way.
Our much-loved 5:30 p.m. Sunday worship service has been given distinctive new life as
Celtic Eventide, a weekly time for contemplation and prayer with Celtic music and an
open table for Communion.

In our hurried and noisy world, we offer gracious space and an evening’s hour to enjoy
the power of quiet … gently touched by candlelight, music and prayer. The Celtic tradition holds that we find God in Christ in our hearts, in each other, and in all creation.

Through moments of reflection and calm, quiet words, fine music and the sacrament of Communion, we refresh this tradition with our own St. Alban’s hospitality. This spirituality, part of our Anglican/Episcopal tradition, took root in Scotland, Ireland, North Umbria and their coastal islands. It seems particularly appropriate to our Maine coastal life where we often seek to be part of God’s creation and long for thoughtful connection to the natural world and to one another.  We offer this rich experience for frequent church-goers, those who find that traditional Sunday morning worship does not fit their style or needs, and those who have never attended church, indeed ALL who seek God’s grace in their lives.

Inviting Celtic music with traditional hymns are played by a quartet of Portland musicians.  Two artists will worship with us each week.

As always, we welcome the faithful, the seeker, the doubter, the hopeful, the troubled and the joyful.

Come as you are for God’s embrace is wide.


Tim's Signature

The Rev. Timothy Boggs, Rector

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