Transition Update

Hello from the Saint Alban’s Discernment Committee! 

Discernment Committee Survey: THANK YOU for your thoughtful and prayerful responses to our parish survey.  We received 95 responses representing all three of our services and we have begun the remarkable process of reading and developing themes from the answers to help guide our work. We will be sure to update you about all these discoveries. Your answers will also be incredibly helpful in creating a parish profile that will portray to candidates who we are as a community.

If you did not get a chance to fill out the survey, please know that this will not be the last opportunity for your voice to be heard. We are committed to making this process inclusive.

Other Work in Progress: The Discernment Committee continues to meet every two weeks, and we are making progress, including further analysis on how to make our website as inviting and informative as possible.  And stay tuned for other opportunities for your voice be heard, including an event to engage our children and youth.

As always, we invite folks to reach out to us anytime with any questions, input or concerns anytime at

Thank you for your continued prayers.


Lisa Leighton
Phil Walsh
Discernment Committee Co-Chairs

We hope that you are staying healthy and finding joy in at least the little things this season, like the beautiful oranges and reds of the fall foliage.  

We wanted to reach out and give an update on the work of our committee because you have an important role in the work we will be doing.  The eleven of us reflect the wonderful diversity of experience and perspectives encompassed at St. Albans.  We are tremendously excited to be united in the common goal of choosing our next rector.    

We have been meeting every other week for over two months to build our little community and to better understand the process before us.  To give you a very rough outline of this process, for the remainder of the fall we will be gathering input and crafting a formal document that describes who we are as a parish and what our vision is for the future.  Your input is central to assist us in this task. This material will be posted early in the new year in all relevant places to attract a range of potential candidates.  By late winter or early spring, we hope to begin reviewing candidates.  We have no set date for when we might formally call a specific individual to be our next rector, but we trust that our diligence, and God’s guidance, will lead us to the right person and will lead the right person to us.  A search process like this often takes a full year or even longer. 

Moving forward, we intend to communicate with the parish more regularly via the St. Alban’s website and the weekly e-news. We have also included our contact information at the bottom of this letter. Please know that you can always reach out to any of us. 

Finally, we have written our own discernment committee prayer. We will be using this to guide us, and we hope that you will use it too. 

Loving God, be with us as we work on this sacred task that we’ve been given.  Open our minds, hearts, and souls to each other and to your wisdom and guidance, as we work together in the confidence that you will support us in finding our way.

Help us listen to each other as we develop an understanding of  the hopes, dreams, and needs of our congregation.  Give us the vision to see beyond the obvious and the courage to share the feelings and perceptions that we will develop in the coming months.

We pray for the candidates we will get to know and especially for the person you will call and we will invite to be our rector.  May they be guided by your promptings and nourished in your love as they, too, journey with You. 

Above all, we pray that our work will support the growth and direction of our church, our community, and our world.  May your life-giving love and truth be always the center of what we do.

Thank you for trusting us with this tremendous responsibility of recommending to the vestry our choice for the new rector. And we promise to keep you in our prayers as we move forward together on this journey.  

With Love, 

The Discernment Committee 

Jason Burks, Tim Hartsfield, Judith Kline, Lisa Leighton (co-chair), Lynne Lovett, Carter Merriam, Harold Pachios, Anne Sedlack, David Stankiewicz, Phil Walsh (co-chair), and Peggy Williams

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church 

885 Shore Road 

Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107 


October Update

The Discernment Committee continues to meet every two weeks, and we are making significant progress in our work. Here are a few updates:

Discernment Committee Prayer: One of our first tasks was to draft a Discernment Committee Prayer that will guide us in our work together. We are pleased to share it with you below and invite you to pray it with us.

Office of Transition Ministry Portfolio: We are making progress on the St. Alban’s portfolio for the Office of Transitional Ministry, which includes drafting answers to a series of questions about St. Alban’s that will help prospective candidates discern whether they are called to respond to our invitation.

Parish Outreach – Opportunities for you to be involved! As we do our work, we are very excited to hear from you. We will be offering a number of ways for the Congregation to participate in our work along the way. For instance, this month, we want to hear from you about what you value about St. Alban’s and what you are looking for in our next Rector. Please let us know by completing the survey below.

You will also be hearing from us directly: we will be sending out both an email and a brief letter this month to make sure you are up-to-date on our work. And remember that you can always email us directly with any questions and comments:

Website Updates: We are in the process of reviewing the parish website so that it is up-to-date and ready for the launch of the search.

Discernment Committee Survey: This survey is an opportunity for you to share with us the things you value most about St. Alban’s and the qualities in a priest you find especially important. You can complete the survey by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Discernment Committee Prayer:

“Loving God, be with us as we work on this sacred task that we’ve been given.  Open our minds, hearts, and souls to each other and to your wisdom and guidance, as we work together in the confidence that you will support us in finding our way.

Help us listen to each other as we develop an understanding of  the hopes, dreams, and needs of our congregation.  Give us the vision to see beyond the obvious and the courage to share the feelings and perceptions that we will develop in the coming months.

We pray for the candidates we will get to know and especially for the person you will call and we will invite to be our rector.  May they be guided by your promptings and nourished in your love as they, too, journey with You. 

Above all, we pray that our work will support the growth and direction of our church, our community, and our world.  May your life-giving love and truth be always the center of what we do.”

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you!


August Update:

Greetings from your Discernment Committee!
Since our commissioning on Sunday, June 28th we have met twice – July 14th and 30th – joined both times by Rev. Can. Michael Ambler, our Diocesan guide in this process. Our first meetings have focused on introductions, getting to know each other and our relationships with St. Albans, and an orientation from Michael to the full discernment process.
The primary focus of our work over the next few months will be preparing St. Albans’ portfolio for the Office of Transitional Ministry (OTM). The portfolio is essentially our “invitation” to potential applicants and includes answers to 12 questions that will help prospective candidates discern whether they are called to respond to our invitation. We will want and need the participation and assistance of the congregation to prepare the OTM questionnaire and our meetings this month will focus on developing a plan of outreach and engagement to give everyone opportunities to contribute to the drafting of these answers.
We will keep the parish informed of our progress through frequent updates and we invite folks to reach out to us anytime with any questions, input or concerns anytime at
Thank you!

Update 7/22/2020

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the new Transition/Interim Rector, Reverend Lynn Carter-Edmands! Special thanks to our Vestry, staff and Vestry subcommittee members, as well as the invaluable guidance of the Bishop’s office, especially the Reverend Canon Michael Ambler, who worked tirelessly to bring this to fruition.
Chris Pezzullo, Senior Warden
Maryann Sedlack, Junior Warden
St. Alban’s Vestry
The Reverend Lynn Carter-Edmands comes to Saint Alban’s as our Transition Priest-in-Charge with nearly thirty years of leadership experience as a priest in parish and diocesan ministry.  This experience includes congregation and clergy transitions, vocational discernment and mentoring, formation and leadership development, and mediation and conflict transformation.
Most recently Lynn served as the Canon to the Ordinary in the Diocese of Southern Ohio concluding eight years as a member of the Bishop’s staff. She has also served as the rector of two parishes and as a chaplain and teacher at a boy’s boarding preparatory school where she taught Bible, Ethics, and senior electives in religion. Lynn is certified in Transitional Ministry through the Interim Ministry Network where she serves as a member of their Board of Directors.
She is married to the Reverend Frank Edmands, also an Episcopal priest, who is currently serving this summer at Trinity Chapel in Kennebunk Beach.  They have an aging Schnoodle named Sophie who still gets excited about food and welcoming them home.
Lynn looks forward to beginning her time at Saint Alban’s,
in mid-August.
We are entering an exciting new phase in our transition!
For one, your Vestry has been reviewing potential Interim Rector candidates, and are close to selection, having narrowed the candidate field considerably. Look for a special e-blast in the upcoming week with some exciting news!


And the Discernment Committee for a new Rector met yesterday with the Reverend Canon Michael Ambler to review their charge and next steps. I’ve
asked the Discernment Committee chairs, Lisa Leighton and Phil Walsh, to give a full update on the process and next steps for the July 30 e-news.


One of the Vestry subcommittees is focused on our regathering options in light of the pandemic. We have drafted new guidance on how small groups can meet outside on the grounds Guidelines for Outdoor Group meeting at St Albans
 This week we will meet to begin work on small group guidance for inside meetings. In addition, the diocese has update their regathering guidance DioME Regathering_July2020 Update
  which you may find interesting.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and I hope you are all enjoying our precious Maine summer!


Chris Pezzullo
Senior Warden

Update 6/19/2020

As we are near a big parish milestone, we feel it’s timely to send along the below note on next steps. Bishop Brown spoke with us this week and encouraged us in this project as well. He warmly approves of the descriptions we provide.
We all hope the information here
is clear and informative, but it’s obviously not exhaustive.
Please give this note careful reading and send along any questions to
thanks and love,
Chris and Maryann and Tim


Learn more about your Discernment Committee below.

Anne Sedlack – I found St. Albans a few years ago when I was searching for a spiritual place to land after attending the University of Vermont. I immediately fell in love with the Celtic Eventide service and kept returning and eventually brought my entire family!  Beyond attending the service, I have helped with the High School Youth Group and I was a delegate from St Albans for the last two state-wide Episcopal conventions (including getting to help pick Reverend Brown to be our Bishop!). Outside of the St. Albans community, I live in the East End of Portland, I recently graduated from the University of Maine School of Law, and I am interested in working towards juvenile justice reform.

David Stankiewicz -I am a lifelong churchgoer.  After college, I worked as a high school youth director for five years and attended seminary.  Though ultimately I did not go into professional ministry, a life of faith and the life of the church remain important to me.  I am a poet and an associate professor at Southern Maine Community College, where I teach writing, literature, and ethics.  My wife Sarrah and I have lived in Cape Elizabeth and been members of St. Alban’s for about nine years.  Our love for this warm and vibrant parish has only grown over time.  My term on the vestry ended this past winter.  We most often attend the 9:30 service with our daughters, Renna (7) and Lucy (3).

Lisa LeightonI was born and raised in Maine. I have a B.A. from Bowdoin College (1993) and a J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law (1998).  After graduate school my husband, Chip, and I spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I worked as an editor for legal publisher LexisNexis®.  I now work as one of their independent contractors and write for several of their publications.  We returned to Maine in 2004 when our son Matthew was a year old.  We lived on MDI for 3 years and attended St. John The Divine Episcopal Church in Southwest Harbor, and in 2007 I was received into the Episcopal Church.  We moved to Southern Maine in 2008 after our daughter Laura was born, and began attending St. Alban’s. I’m a member of the hand bell choir, intercessor and usher ministries.  I was a delegate to the 2018 and 2019 Maine Episcopal conventions, which also included the 2019 bishop election convention. I was also a member of the Celebrate St. Alban’s Anew capital campaign committee. I am grateful for the relationships I’ve formed in this wonderful St. Alban’s community.

Peggy Williams – I was born and raised in Washington, DC.  I attended Potomac School, Westover School, Wheaton College and St. Lawrence University. After a few years of trying on” different occupations in the Northeast I traveled to Anchorage, Alaska in 1979 to help a friend build his house.  I intended to stay for three months … three months that turned into ten years!  I worked there as an activities director at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute. I met Ogden, my husband of 38 years, at a nondenominational church with two thousand members, very different from what I was used to. Ogden and I married and our two children, Hayden and Katherine, were born in Alaska. We moved to Cape Elizabeth in 1989. We attended St. Albans because it was within walking distance of our rented home in Oakhurst and because we liked Sam Henderson, the rector at the time. We have been members of St. Albans for 31 years, years of on-again off-again attendance which included service as  Sunday School teachers and then directors, ushers, and coordinators for the evening Celtic Service since its inception, and most recently coordinating St. Albans Cares, a ministry Anita Samuelson and I started years ago. During my childrens elementary school years I volunteered in the Cape schools and community. Later, I earned a Masters in Education at USM, operated (with my husband) an online antiquarian bookselling business, attended the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine and subsequently worked for several years at Maine Med as a per diem chaplain. I was raised as an Episcopalian, experimented with different faiths and approaches including lack of faith, and have happily circled back to my spiritual heritage. My favorite activities, by the way, are walking/hiking, cross country skiing, traveling and reading.

Lynne Lovett – I was born in Syracuse, NY and baptized at Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, NY, my home town.  The church was my family’s rock.  My mother had suffered several losses in her young life: a brother I never knew drowned in Lake Ontario at the age of 3, a still born baby when I was 4, and then 18 months later my father died. Through it all, Mom never lost faith. This week, Tim wrote about the value and goals of youth group. At Trinity Church our Rector, David Smith, lead our youth group of 12 to 14 teens. Tim’s list brought back so many memories of those wonderful Sunday afternoons and I realized that much of who I am now is because of lessons taught in youth group, and at home of course.  I would say David’s goals pretty much matched Tim’s.  He showed us the goodness in ourselves. He wanted us to love others as we loved ourselves, assured us that God loved us, that we all had special gifts to share with others, and the importance of reaching out to others. So 56 years later, after having been Catholic for about 10 years (married one and have three kids baptized Catholic), and then for 13 years or so, the beach was my spiritual refuge (math is not my strong point, so just go with this).  As I was entering my early sixties, I knew something was missing in me; I decided it was time for me to visit St. Alban’s.  As I’ve said many times,  the minute I walked through the door into Bonoff Hall, I knew I was home again. Anita Samuelson met me at the door – what else is there to say, I was hooked.  I felt welcome and warmth all around. Home.
Tim Hartsfield –  has been part of St. Alban’s since 2011. A 4th generation Florida native, Tim began playing the piano and organ for his hometown church when he was fifteen years old, and church music has been part of his life ever since. Most recently he served as parish musician for 18 years at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Cocoa, Florida. While employed by government/defense contractor Harris Corporation (now L3-Harris) as director of communications for over 34 years, Tim enjoyed stepping in as interim organist at churches throughout Central Florida, including Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, Christian Science, Lutheran, Jewish, Catholic, Unitarian and Unity churches. He holds a BA degree from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and a MBA degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Tim was actively involved with numerous military organizations while employed by Harris, including the Navy, Army and Air Force. He served as chairman of the 2007 International Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) held in Orlando, and supported other MILCOM conferences throughout the world. Tim and his husband Jody reside on Mount Hope in the Sanford-Springvale area.
Harold Pachios  – grew up In Cape Elizabeth on Oakhurst Road  just a two hundred yards from the rectory . He  joined St. Albans in 1947 as an 11 year-old altar boy. He attended Cape Elizabeth High School (during which time time he was an active member of the St. Alban’s teen group)  , Kent School, an Episcopal school in Kent, CT where he held the student office as Verger of the Chapel , Princeton University, and Georgetown University Law School. He served as an officer in the U.S. Navy, and then spent several years working in Washington, DC.  Except for the years he was in Washington , Harold has been a communicant at St. Alban’s and friends with many of its priests, including his mentor Father John Gulick who was rector before and during the time the current church building was built. He currently lives in Cape Elizabeth with his wife Claudia , and is a founding partner of the Preti Flaherty law firm.
Jason Burks –  and his wife Amber have attended St. Alban’s since moving to Maine in 2007. During that time, Jason has served as a delegate to Diocesan Convention several times, chaired the Buildings and Grounds committee for nearly five years, and served on the Vestry. He and his wife have been active in youth ministries and were the adult chaperones for the 2018 Youth Pilgrimage to Corrymeela. Before moving to Maine, they resided in Troy, NY, where Jason was a Vestry member, property committee chair, and member of a rector search committee at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Troy.
Jason is a life-long Episcopalian and is excited to participate in the search for the next Rector of St. Alban’s.

Judy Kline – What would you like to know about me?  Hmm.  I’m the wife of a man I love, the mom of a 33 year old young man than I adore, a special education teacher and social worker, retired for 12 years, a mentor and friend for several years to an amazing woman and young mother from Sudan, a social activist with Protect South Portland concerned about the environment, a gardener, and more confident than ever in my life that I am a child of God in no small part because of the amazing experience of being a member of Saint Albans for over 30 years.  I’ve got to know three priests’ strengths, styles and special gifts that made them effective leaders in our church community. I’ve played many roles in the church.  I attended 9:30 service for years and Celtic service, which I love, for the last few years.  Saint Albans has been my church home since we moved to Maine so I feel like we’re part of each other. My experience here has been that members of this church community want to know each other. That personal connection is what gives meaning to our shared time together and teaches us about God’s love for us.  It’s very special to me that I get to be a part of the search committee and the selection of our next priest whom I trust will be another great addition to our community.

Carter Merriam -I have been going to Saint Albans for as long as I can remember and have always been a part of the community. I’m a three season athlete at Cape Elizabeth high school along with leading the outing club, robotics and participating in coding club. I love to spend time outdoors, especially when I go mountain biking or skiing, as those are two of my favorite activities. This summer I’m working at Portland Paddle so hopefully kayaking will become a new passion for me as well.


Phil Walsh – In my personal life, I am fortunate to be a resident of Cape Elizabeth since 2011, together with my wife, Emily Cooke, a partner at Pierce Atwood; three daughters: Liv (11), Lily (9), Ilsa (6); Juno the dog and a brood of chickens. In my professional life, I am the executive director of Maine Initiatives, a foundation based in Portland that works to advance social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine. I also serve as the Vice Chair of the Board of the Maine Philanthropy Center, on the Board of Safe Space Radio, and as Co-Chair of the Immigrant & Refugee Funders Collaborative. Prior to arriving in Maine, I worked for more than 15 years in Central America and Mexico in different roles at the Inter‐American Foundation, The Synergos Institute, and Mercy Corps. I am a graduate of James Madison University and earned a masters degree from Georgetown University.


June 10, 2020 Update

The Vestry of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church is delighted to announce the membership of the 2020 New Rector Discernment Committee. 
First some words about the process: nominations were gathered from the parish community during the month of May. There were several-fold more nominations than there were available committee slots. This made the task both much more difficult and somewhat easier than it could have been; easier because there was a rich pool of talented people from which to choose, and far more difficult because we knew there would be so many disappointed at not having been chosen. We humbly apologize to you now if you were not selected-it was certainly not because you lacked talent or were not deserving; but our nearly impossible task was to create a small committee of only11 members that was to be a tapestry reflective of our parish.
The work of the Committee will begin with a review of their Vestry Charge in early July, after their Commissioning on Sunday June 28. The Committee will come together first to charter group norms, working closely with the Canon to the Ordinary, Rev. Michael Ambler. The Committee will develop an understanding of the discernment process, which will include the creation and completion of a comprehensive survey of parishioners’ needs and hopes. They will then embark on the calling of applicants, and after a period of thorough, thoughtful, careful, and confidential review, a Rector will be called.
Committee members’ bios will be shared with the parish within the next week, and the Committee will keep us apprised of their work through regular, posted communications.
Please let us know if you have any questions about the discernment process unfolding at St. Alban’s, at
The membership of the 2020 New Rector Discernment Committee is:
  • Jason Burks
  • Timothy Hartsfield
  • Judith Kline
  • Lisa Leighton (Co-Chair)
  • Lynne Lovett
  • Carter Merriam
  • Harold Pachios
  • Anne Sedlack
  • David Stankiewicz
  • Phil Walsh (Co-Chair)
  • Peggy Williams



May 31st Update

Charge to Discernment Committee from Vestry, May 2020

Charge to Discernment Committee from Vestry

Communication sent to all the membership on 5/14

Dear St. Alban’s member,
In preparation for Tim’s departure in late June, our work now turns to the creation of a Discernment Committee (also known as a search committee) for the call of a new rector for St. Alban’s. Discernment is an extremely rewarding process of information gathering, study, discussion, listening, questioning and prayer. The work of discerning has been called energizing, positive and memorable by those who have participated in the selection process in the past. To be a member of this committee is to be a pivotal part of the future of St. Alban’s.
Click this link to the nomination form for membership in the new committee. As you consider nominating an individual, remember self-nominating is always welcomed. When proposing an individual for nomination, please consider the committee should be representative of the diversity of our congregation as to age, gender, ethnicity, stages of life, and traditions. Parishioners may state their name as the nominator, but are free to remain anonymous. Additionally, all information received is to be considered confidential.
Nominations close on May 31, 2020. The Vestry will vote on a slate of candidates on June 9, 2020, and the Discernment Committee will be commissioned in late June or early July, after Father Tim’s departure.
Please reach out to the Vestry with any questions about the nominating process (
Thank you!
Christopher Pezzullo                              Maryann Sedlack
 Senior Warden                                       Junior Warden


5/7 Update: Click here to view the Town Hall meeting with Canon Michael Ambler that was held on Wednesday, May 6th.

Dear friends,


The calling of a new rector is a uniquely important responsibility for any Vestry. 


Although we did not desire that this duty be part of our terms of Vestry service, we are confident that in prayer with each other, the bishop, the canon, and indeed, the wider church, this Vestry will call a fine new priest to serve God and God’s people at St. Alban‘s! 


Your officers approach this exciting challenge in confidence that the strengths of our past will serve us well for the years ahead. With you, we have a common posture as faithful, non-anxious leaders, and together we will meet the task with grace and God’s help.


And our first steps are upon us already! 


We are writing to propose a plan for creating and commissioning a St. Alban’s Discernment Committee, to be charged to present a priestly candidate for Vestry approval and calling as our new rector. 


We have met three times with diocesan Canon Michael Ambler and propose the following plan for this our first step, the calling of a faith-filled, balanced and able Discernment Committee. We ask for your support of this approach and will call for Vestry approval of the plan at our March 10th meeting. 


We have discussed this schedule/approach with Tim, our experienced rector and with St. Alban’s member Gordon Gayer, our former senior warden and chair of the two most recent (and successful!) St. Alban’s Discernment Committees. Gordon is also now Chancellor to the Diocese of Maine and possesses a fine appreciation for the duties of the Vestry and the needs and polity of the church.


A guiding principle we share is the same one we use in our well-regarded parish process for Vestry and Delegate nominations. That is that the entire parish be involved as much as possible in an open and timely way in the nominations process, with enough time given for all to pray and for nominees to consent.    


First, we propose some key dates:


  • Tuesday, March 10th, Vestry meeting at 6:30. Call-in with Canon Ambler.
  • Wednesday, March 11th officers and Fr. Tim meet with staff.
  • Sunday, March 15th Fr. Tim will make his retirement announcement 

in-person and by emailed letter to the parish and the wider church.

  • Sunday, March 22nd Canon Michael Ambler will preach morning and evening at St. Alban’s and meet with parishioners for in-depth informational sessions.
  • 4.14.20: At our vestry meeting we will review samples of vestry charges to discernment committees.
  • Tuesday, May 12th Vestry to meet to discuss and approve Discernment Committee charge for the Committee’s work, as well as a nomination form.
  • Wednesday 5.13.20, a parish-wide call for nominations of individuals to serve on the Discernment Committee will be made. 
  • Sunday 5.31.20, Nominations to the Discernment Committee close.
  • Week of 6.1.20: Vestry officers will meet to develop a Discernment Team slate with alternates.
  • 6.9.20 Vestry votes to finalize Discernment Committee Membership.
  • Sunday 6.14.20, St. Alban’s Discernment Committee commissioned.



Having reviewed the diocesan guide, which is written for parishes of all sizes and conditions, and noting its flexibility, we propose for St. Alban’s:


  1. That a warm invitation to the whole parish be prepared and made ready for distribution, asking for nominations to the Discernment Committee. This invitation is to be well publicized and will include a clear description of the likely demands of Discernment Committee service. 
  2. That nominations open 5.13.20 and be closed on Sunday 5.31.20. 
  3. That nominations be called for from the active membership of the parish, and include persons of all ages, genders and experience from among those who are participating in the regular worship and active ministry of St. Alban’s. That nominations be called for from former Vestry members and past leaders of parish life, as well as new leaders and members.
  4. That all valid nominations include confirmation of the nominee’s willingness to serve.
  5. Anticipating many nominations, that the officers receive and review the entire pool of nominations and prepare a recommendation to the Vestry of a slate of candidates (and alternates) to comprise the St. Alban’s Discernment Committee, including chair or co-chairs.
  6. That the officers keep the nominations received in the strictest confidence.
  7. That the Vestry meet on May12th to review, refine, finalize and approve their charge.
  8. That in order to draw the nominations broadly: ordained persons, parish staff, close family of other Discernment Committee members, and current Vestry members not be considered for nomination.
  9. That should a current Vestry member desire and consent to serve on the Discernment Committee and is appointed, he/she resign the Vestry position.


  • Item 9 seems wise to us, and is OK’d by Canon Michael, for four reasons.
  1. The Vestry will have ultimate responsibility to approve or disapprove the rector recommendation of the Discernment Committee. Since we will have a broad pool of candidates, we want to avoid putting ourselves unnecessarily in a conflicted or awkward position of having reviewed as a Discernment Committee member the many priestly candidates, including the one proposed. 
  2. Our 2020 Vestry is faced with unique responsibilities to implement the goals of Celebrate St. Alban’s Anew, our vestry-created and managed campaign. We will be busy! This will be demanding, and we do not see how we could reasonably serve on both the 2020 Vestry and the Discernment Committee.
  3. We want the entire St. Alban’s community to have the chance to serve on the Discernment Committee, and we will propose a broad slate form the many nominations expected. The Vestry will make the ultimate choice of rector, so we want a diverse and open Discernment Committee pool. (Note we received some 53 nominations of 29 individuals to serve on the 2020 Vestry.) 
  4. We were told by Canon Michael that the guide’s suggestion that Vestry members serve on Discernment Committees is to accommodate those smaller parishes which do not necessarily enjoy our breadth of leadership options.  We’ll have many strong candidates from the non-vestry pool. 



Update from Junior and Senior Wardens:

As all of you are aware, Father Tim Boggs is retiring on June 21, 2020.  The Episcopal Church has a very well established process for clergy transition in parishes.  In the Maine diocese, St. Albans is greatly assisted in this process by Bishop Thomas Brown, and by the Reverend Canon Michael Ambler, whom we met when he celebrated one of our very first Zoom services in March to begin our conversation.
To continue this prayerful conversation on the discernment process leading us to a new Rector with the entire St. Albans community,
Rev. Canon Ambler will be hosting a St. Albans Town Hall meeting on Zoom TODAY, May 6 from 6-7 pm.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend, as we discern with joy and gratitude our path to a new Rector.
Below is the Zoom invitation for this very important meeting.
Saint Alban’s Episcopal Church is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: St Albans Parish transition meeting
Time: May 6, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Any questions or comments please contact Junior Warden, Maryann Sedlack




4/1/2020 :Update from Senior Warden:

Join us for a *virtual* town hall meeting on our rector transition, 5.6.20 from 6-7pm
Rev. Michael Ambler will join with the vestry to offer guidance and answers to your questions about all things transition, such as information on the discernment committee process, supply priests and interim rector and key transition dates.
Zoom link to follow!


Dear Friends:

Click on this link to see Tim’s  video  announcing his retirement.
A change in the Rector of a church is a very significant event in the life of a parish.  Fortunately, the Episcopal Church has a tried and true manner of managing this transition.  Many of us have been through the process before, with the development of a discernment committee, the selection of an interim Rector, and finally a call for our new Rector.
We are blessed to have The Reverend Michael Ambler, Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Maine, as our spiritual guide and assistant for this undertaking.
Here are some upcoming key dates:

 5.13.20, a parish-wide call for nominations of individuals to serve on the Discernment Committee will be made.

5.31.20, Nominations to the Discernment Committee close.

6.9.20 Vestry votes to finalize Discernment Committee Membership.

Sunday 6.14.20, St. Alban’s Discernment Committee commissioned

Please follow this link to Rev. Canon Ambler’s Coffee Hour from last week.


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