Our New Organ Is Progressing … Pictures Here

  Organ Shot 1:  The first thing to be made are the slider chests for the Great and Swell. 16/4 poplar is milled to 3″ thick, and then quartersawn (resawn) to make up the ribs and and rails.

Organ Shot 2: One of the Great chests is dry fit with its screw ribs in place.
Organ shot 3: The Swell chest is laid out, and its ribs are set it place to ensure everything is where it should be, and the correct size.
 Organ Shot 4: Once the grids are all glued together, they are flattened by hand with a #7 jointer plane.
Organ shot 5: The Great is divided onto two separate chests, C and #. Here they are upside down and end to end, with their tables glued on.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery


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