Key message from Parish Leadership – Pledge Update

It’s our prayer that you are well and staying connected with all of the many offerings St. Alban’s is able to make at a distance, including Daily Cups and Sunday worship, as well as our e-news links to resources and the many gifts of St. Alban’s Cares, including the telephone tree and resources for meals.
We are writing because we all need reminding in these distracting times that our 2020 pledges to the life and work of St. Alban’s are still counted upon even though we cannot gather in person. 
We are a community based on love, and St. Alban’s is shining bright in these confusing days. You’ll be delighted to know your dedicated clergy and staff are all hard at work from home. Not surprisingly, they too are learning new methods to be the church. We are blessed by their dedication during these trying times and we are committed to continue to fund their salaries and benefits throughout this period.  In addition, the Diocese of Maine continues to do its work in supporting the work of parishes throughout the state, and therefore we are committed to remaining current on our assessments.
On a weekly basis the combination of salaries, benefits and assessment equal $8000. Therefore, to the extent possible, we ask all members of our parish to help us all keep our commitments fulfilled by keeping 2020 pledges up to date.   
Your Wardens, Treasurer, Stewardship Chair and Rector have met to discern how we can best encourage easy payment of all our St. Alban’s pledges in these days.
And we’ve come up with these simple plans:
  • Online Giving Since many of you may prefer the security and ease of online payments, we’ve set up a safe and confidential payment method that can be used with your credit/debit card, checking or savings account.  This new St. Alban’s “green” method of giving includes options for one-time gifts, or recurring giving.  To use online giving, please click on this link:
  • Checks Checks may be mailed to the parish office. We receive the mail each day and deposits are made regularly.  We prefer no cash at this time.
  • Electronic Transfer
    Do you pay your bills with internet banking? St Alban’s will gladly receive donations from an account via the internet. These can automatically be sent weekly or monthly. This is a popular method for many members.
  • Stock Gifts
    Thank you for considering a gift of stock. Please contact the parish office or email us for instructions.
  • Pay it Forward If you can, please consider making your pledges in advance for the month, the quarter or the whole year. This will simplify it for you and St. Alban’s.
  • New Pledges And if you do not pledge but make an offering in the collection plate when you come to church, we want to encourage you to use these methods as well. Plate offerings in cash or check have always been a valued way to show our commitment to St. Alban’s, and in these days when passing the plate is not possible, please continue your generosity.
Friends, like you, we are all now juggling many challenges, and we pray that the grounding, faithful and stimulating hope of St. Alban’s is a continual gift to you. Everything that we do together in this good place is created and funded by our gifts, put to use by the Holy Spirit and the church.
Join us as we all keep our St. Alban’s gifts up to date. Every gift you make is carefully noted in our giving records and shared with you in your quarterly statements. Your first-quarter pledge statement will be sent by email shortly. This will remind you of your pledge and payment status.
If you have any question feel to contact us at anytime at; 
  Christopher Pezzullo, Senior Warden
  Maryann Sedlack, Junior Warden
  Doug Jones, Treasurer


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