Celebrate Saint Alban’s Anew, A campaign for the future


Celebrate St. Alban’s Anew, a campaign for the future is launched!

Thanks to the dozens and dozens who have done all the good, discerning work of preparing these plans and all who have already pledged! ...the full story here.


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Celebrate St. Albans Anew

A campaign with four chords…


All the details!

1. Nourish God’s World

      • What is the Outreach Enrichment Idea? Video here

2. Enhance our sacred worship space...Key report here

3. A pipe organ and music to pray and grow by... Report #1 here

4. Plan for the future (materials to come)


  A word from the Co-Chairs

  A word from the Rector



Great Reading…key short docs and articles


Celebrating the Eucharist

A memo from the Rector on our heritage, liturgy and the cross


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