Our PLACE (Peace, Love and Christian Education)

2014 Our PLACE photo
Our PLACE, our program for 1st – 4th graders, is offered most Sunday mornings of the school year during the 9:30 a.m service.  This innovative and popular program teaches children major stories of the Bible through repetition and rotations, using three different classroom settings.  (We’ve got great classrooms – see below.)  We repeat the story over the course of a three or four week rotation. Each year we choose a theme we’d like to explore, and then select Bible stories which support that theme.  This year’s theme is “New Beginnings.” The Bible stories we will be teaching are Psalm 8/The Heavens, Wilderness Escape, Advent, Jesus’ Healing Miracles, Women of the New Testament, Travels Through Holy Week, and Paul’s Travels.

We present these stories in a stimulating and inviting way.  In Thou Art, Bible Skills & Games and St. Alban’s Playhouse, the children learn through a variety of mediums, namely storytelling, music, art, classic movies, and drama.  It works because we know that students learn best through repetition … and by presenting the story each week in a different workshop with a different teacher and medium, the students don’t get bored.  To the parents and teachers, it’s multi-dimensional learning.  To the kids, it’s a fun way to learn God’s word.


If you would like further information, please feel free to contact Debbie Fisher at dfisher@stalbansmaine.org

The Classrooms at Our Place

Bible Skills & Games: the stories of our faith come alive as we teach basic Bible skills through games such as Jeopardy! Wheel of Fortune and others.

St. Alban’s Playhouse: A drama room with stage and dressing area and plenty of imaginative costumes and props where the class puts on a play based on the rotation’s theme.

Thou Art: A real art gallery where children interpret the Bible story through different artistic media such as painting, mosaics, pottery and sculpture.



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