St. Alban’s Centering Prayer Group

Update March 2020

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic we have suspended all in person gatherings.

Centering Prayer at St. Alban’s

What is and why Centering Prayer? Right now Centering Prayer consists of a small group which meets informally for an hour each week on Monday. During this hour we share a place of quiet, a place quite removed from the schedules and commitments of our lives.

We often begin our meeting with a short, calming Taize Chant after which we sit in silence for 20 minutes. Here is a time one may pray, meditate or quietly be. This period ends with the Lord’s Prayer.

In the next part of the hour a form of Lectio Divina is practiced; one person reads a short passage or verse from the Bible after which there is silence for a few minutes. The same reading of God’s word is repeated and again there is silence or a time for reflection. This pattern continues three or four times. Our Lectio Divina if followed by a short time when one may choose to share his or her thoughts or questions about the reading. People may speak or remain silent.

Presently Centering Prayer is at 5:00 PM in St. Alban’s upper room or Youth Room. We welcome parishioners, ministers and friends from all churches. Please Come.
For further information contact:

Phoebe  Fairburn –,  885-1098

Richard Berman –,  799-6412


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