There are no words in the entire Christian tradition that are more important for us all to hear than words of welcome.  And it is our joy to share them with you!

Revelation St. Alban’s Episcopal Church is a generously spirited place. Here, step by gracious step, we try to live into the understanding that nothing can separate us from the love of God, known to us through Jesus Christ.

So wherever you are in the journey of life and faith, St. Alban’s doors are open to you. Come to be inspired, to explore your faith in a broad-minded, curious and engaged environment, and to deepen your connection with God and those around you.

We are a vibrant, diverse and open people experiencing our own journeys into faith in three particular ways:

  • Faith through inspiration,
  • Faith through Christian formation, and
  • Faith in action.

And you are welcome to be part of it all!

Faith through Inspiration

What inspires you to seek God, to deepen your faith, or strengthen your connection with those around you? In all our lives, inspiration comes in many forms and it’s that way at St. Alban’s too. Here we gather and are moved in multiple ways…through the wonder found in morning worship services, and candlelit Celtic Eventide, or through the integrity and care of a sermon, a moving musical inspiration, a quiet conversation with God or with others.  These mean more than coming together in community; they are each an inspiring way to come closer to God. Here you’ll find easy access to awesome things!

Faith through Formation

What we choose to focus on shapes and forms us. Faith formation is about being conscious of and paying attention to who we are and who we’re becoming. St. Alban’s formative offerings for children and adults alike give you the opportunity to shape your faith and spirituality by exploring scripture, prayer, the Episcopal tradition, and your own listening heart. It’s for everyone, across the lifespan –for young children and youth to our adult Christian formation called Faith Seeking Understanding.

Faith in Action

We all know that faith isn’t just personal…we live in the context of all of life. At St. Alban’s we’re committed to making a difference in God’s often needful world by engaging far beyond ourselves and our campus. We seek Christ in each other and the stranger. That’s what faith in action is all about: going beyond the church doors and living into our hope and promise to be part of healing a broken world. From our partner school in Haiti to the soup kitchen in Portland, and lots of place in between there are plenty of ways for you to get involved too — whether it’s choosing a Christmas gift for a child who wouldn’t otherwise receive one, or tutoring a girl in a correctional facility or traveling to a small village in Haiti where the school teachers will know your St. Alban’s spirit, we strive to be part of a broad world that returns to us so much more than we can give.

There are no words in the entire Christian tradition that are more important for us all to hear than words of welcome. And it is our joy to share them with you!  Welcome to St. Alban’s, a place we grow together.


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