Vestry Meeting Minutes


As Approved unanimously by Vestry 4-9-19

St. Alban’s discernment continues….

Continuing our year-long discernment on Enriching Worship for the whole community and other key goals for St. Alban’s ministries and campus, the Vestry adopts this resolution, directing the officers and rector to take three significant planning steps. Progress will be presented for action, as needed, at the May 2019 and subsequent Vestry meetings.


Capital Campaign Planning

The officers and rector are requested to recruit and convene a Capital Campaign Planning committee to prepare a plan to seek parish–wide contributions to meet multiple parish goals, which cannot be met in our annual budgets, including, but not limited to these “buckets” of hopes:

  • The Enriching Our Worship proposals to nourish our worship space, instruments and musical practices,
  • The Vestry’s dreams to  nourish our campus and replenish Fund for Major Improvements,
  • The creation of a new fund to nourish ministry, bridging gaps in roles and times of transition.
  • The creation of a new fund for Nourishing God’s World by our outreach and mission.

Such plan should have a rough target of $1 million.

Worship Space Planning

The officers and rector are requested to recruit and convene a new committee to work in close coordination with the Organ Committee to prepare a thoughtful, faithful and complete plan for enhancing our worship space.

Their plan should have a particular focus on the chancel and altar areas in the hope of increased grace and beauty in worship flow, safety and comfort of all, musicality, and ministry of the Word, all with efficient and gracious lighting. Proposals should aspire to improved function, simple beauty, and visual appeal. The committee’s prayerful work should come from a place of deep appreciation of the sacraments, and the quality and character of St. Alban’s furnishings and materials and practice. The committee should respect the need for fine altar, cross, and Communion rail with existing cushions.

New Organ Planning

The officers and rector are requested to ask the Organ Committee to:

  • Send Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) to well-qualified organ builders for a modest, new pipe organ to nourish and sustain strong congregational and choral singing and solo performance.
  • Retain, in coordination with the new Worship Space Committee and the rector, a qualified liturgical designer.
  • Report its final recommendation to the Vestry for its approval.

The Vestry accepts the designated gift of $5,000 for initial design and study costs.

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