St. Alban’s Vestry

In a long-standing tradition, each parish in the Episcopal Church elects lay members to serve with the Rector on a Vestry, the governing and decision-making body for the church. The Vestry’s duties include calling the Rector, approving the budget and making policy. The Vestry is led by the Senior and Junior Warden, and works closely with the Rector in faithfully guiding the parish forward. Authority within the church is divided between the Bishop of Maine, the Rector and the Vestry working together in a collaborative way.

At St. Alban’s, eleven vestry members serve and are elected at an annual meeting in January to serve three year terms. At St. Alban’s the Vestry meetings are scheduled the second Tuesday of each month and open to the whole congregation.


Current Vestry Members

Vestry and Officers for 2019

Sara Merrill, Senior Warden

Christopher Pezzullo, Junior Warden

Doug Jones, Treasurer

The Rev. Timothy Boggs, Rector

Terry Ann Scriven

David Stankiewicz,

Bill Bell,

Sarah Choi,

Maryann Sedlack,

Sheila Zimmerman,

Joan Hankinson,

Katie Payson


Diocese of Maine Convention Delegates for 2019

Lisa Leighton

Lynn Lovett

Tim Queeney

Anne Sedlack

Red Sullivan



Terry Ann Scriven – Vestry

I started life in California and then lived much of  my childhood  in Minneapolis. As a young adult I was itinerant, moving 13 times in 15 years. During this time i met my husband Frank in college in NH. In 1993 a job offer materialized for me, and my husband’s ability to change job locations,  blessed us with the chance to finally settle down and raise our then young family,  in Maine. I almost felt I’d died and gone to heaven. I joined a medical group in Portland and our three children ,  grew up in the church, and so benefitted from the extended community of people who  knew and nurtured them at St. Albans.

That was, i thought, such a gift to them.  I was not brought up in the christian faith and missed having religious principals and a faith of my own, from early on. It was during my first medical residency that my search for guiding religious and ethical principles, to help me understand and cope with all i saw, resulted in my joining the Episcopalian church.

It wasn’t until after we baptized our daughter in the Cathedral of St Luke’s, that i learned my family’s relationship with the Episcopal church was indeed a multigenerational one!  A few years later, I found out my great grandfather was the first Deacon at he Cathedral in Portland, in 1876, and my grandfather had literally been born in the rectory !- the parish birth recorded in my grandfather’s own handwriting.  I too found community there & solace in the laying on of hands at St. Lukes.

After a few years there,  I soon returned to St. Albans, to join the vibrant community of young families who had developed , and to bring our three children back to  the increasingly child friendly St Albans. Our initial experience had not been so.  Now it is so different, even so much more child friendly!  I love hearing children around us during and after the service. I’m thrilled it has been so openly welcoming ever since, with such emphasis children, families, and adult education,  as well. It’s this continual emphasis on a community  of love, friendship, and willingness to be open, that crosses all age boundaries that is the magic of St. Albans.

It has been a gift to live in relationship with you who make up the vibrant community here in this church. I cherish the multigenerational friendships, new and old, and joys found at St. Albans as well as the solace we’ve provided each other during times of loss and sadness. The outreach efforts are remarkable as well, and ongoing,  and have made a difference beyond our walls, which seems so important too. This community is bent on making a difference in the world as well as each other’s lives , and while we are not perfect , we support each other in doing our best.  I feel so blessed to be part of this community, -a community that is absolutely, unquestionably,  “ there when you need it”- We just have to learn how to ask it seems. And the ability to practice being  open, honest as best we can, in the St. albans community, is no less than life changing. One of the St. Alban’s Sacred stories groups i volunteered for over 10 years ago, literally helped me change my life course, and gave me the courage to do so.

I love the empowering, intergenerational community of our church, and also how our mission is to care about each other and the communities around us .  From the services for Peter, and us coming together in the church on the night of 911,  to today’s Health Ministry, St. Albans has such poignant part of my life.   I am honored to be asked to serve on the vestry, and hope we can continue to expand the ways in which we can reach out and include or invite all who might benefit by feeling in “communion” with this community.

Katie Payson – Vestry

My name is Katie Payson and I have been a member of St. Alban’s for about 5 years.  My family and I joined St. Alban’s because of the strong sense of community and varied opportunities for serving.  It felt like a place where I could contribute based on the unique gifts that I have to share. I was also moved and inspired by the level of commitment and love shared by so many in this parish.  Additionally, it is a place where my son has felt connected and safe (while having fun) as he discovers his own spiritual life. You will be most likely to see me at the Celtic Eventide Service or participating in various parish events.

I come from a family of Episcopalians and have participated in the church in several communities in which I have lived.  I am the third of 5 children and am fortunate to have close relationships with my parents and siblings. My partner, Celine, and I have been together for almost 30 years.  We have a 15-year old son, Ben, who is active and engaged at St. Alban’s. I am a clinical social worker and have a private practice in Portland which is centered on helping people develop compassion for self and others. I also recently completed a program at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine.  I love the outdoors and spend as much time as I can walking, hiking, biking, swimming and just playing.

Joan Hankinson – Vestry

My husband Donald and I joined St. Albans about seven years ago after reflecting on our dissatisfaction and disappointment in the spiritual community of our upbringing. I, in particular, had not felt engaged or comfortable in that church for some time and had been looking to find a more welcoming and spiritually inclusive community. We had many friends who attended St. Albans and the sharing of their experience was always positive. We decided to join and have never looked back. We felt immediately welcomed and in the last few years have enjoyed getting involved on a deeper level with this thoughtful and heart-felt community. The ministries are alive with a vibrancy and inclusiveness that makes getting involved easy and comfortable. Having recently retired from a busy full-time career, I now have the time to explore interests that feed me emotionally and creatively. St. Albans is definitely a place that serves me well in both of those endeavors..

A little about my background:  I am originally from Westwood, Massachusetts but have lived in Cape Elizabeth for the last 27 years. I am married to Donald and we have two adult children. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Social Work from Providence College and later moved to Berkeley, where I worked in a Jungian-based residential treatment center for schizophrenic and autistic children. In 1982  I received my Master’s in Social Work from NYU and, up until the time we moved to Maine, worked as a critical care Social Worker in an in-patient setting where my role was direct patient/family support in the medical trauma and dialysis units.  I later became Director of the Diabetes Care and Information Center of NY. My responsibilities were divided between providing therapeutic counseling to patients and families coping with chronic disease and managing the foundation’s mission to provide diabetes education to the greater NY area. The later included grant writing, developing written education materials, budget management, and supervising payroll/tax implementation.

My husband and I landed in Nevada when our children were very young and Donald was working as a physician on the Paiute Indian Reservation ( a Public Health Service payback). It was a precious time for me just being a full-time mom to our daughter and son.  When it came time to choose a place to settle we were drawn to the beauty of Maine where I had spent time as a child.  For the last 25 years I have been the administrator of a 5 physician specialty practice here in Maine. My role encompassed a wide range of tasks and responsibilities including the management of both professional and administrative staff; property and infrastructure management; overseeing all financial business; transitioning to an electronic health record system; maintaining the practice’s adherence to countless local and national regulations; and adapting to the numerous changes that have come to our health care system over the past two decades. Management at this level has allowed me to develop skills in negotiation, time management, project management, team building and budgetary compliance. Most importantly, it has taught me a lot about listening and adapting to the needs of a group. I value working within a culture that is respectful and enjoys a sense of humor.

In my free time I like to read, garden, travel and, when the weather allows, walk on Scarborough Beach. I am fortunate to have a great circle of friends who have all recently retired so I have lots of playmates that keep me active. I hope this brief snapshot of my life gives you a sense of a small part of my journey. And I look forward to working with all of you in the coming years to help St Albans to continue to grow in its mission as a spiritual community to welcome and inspire all of us to live a meaningful life through prayer and action.


Sarah Choi – Vestry

I’ve spent most of my life in Maine, moving here when I was 7, then away for college in Pennsylvania, and a handful of years in the Boston area where I met John and had my first son, Ted, then back to Maine.  I was baptized into the Episcopal Church in San Diego, and have been attending church ever since, becoming a member of St. Alban’s in 2002 when we moved to Cape Elizabeth. My two younger sons, Chris and Andy, were baptized here, and over the years, all three boys have participated in the youth programs.  I have been involved in many different ministries at St. Alban’s, including youth programming, bread baking, needlepoint, newcomer committee, and as a convention delegate.  Now that the boys are in middle and high school, I work at Pond Cove Elementary here in Cape Elizabeth, as a secretary in the front office.  I love to spend time outdoors, exercise, read, and knit!


Maryann Sedlack – Vestry

I first learned about St. Albans while we were living in Belfast and I read the article in the Portland Press Herald about Celtic Eventide.  I saved the article thinking maybe someday I’d attend a service while visiting Portland.    A couple of years later, my husband, Jeff and I moved to Falmouth and we went to the Eventide and happily found that it was exactly what we were looking for.  I come from a Roman Catholic background and grew up going to church in Wilmette, Illinois.  Through moves as a young adult and then as a parent, finding a church was always very important.  While living in Washington, D.C., the National Cathedral was a church I attended quite often and I  always felt very comfortable and at home in the Episcopal Church.   Transitioning to St. Albans has felt very natural and it has been a real joy getting to know the community here.

I attended The College of Wooster in Ohio and majored in Chinese history.   After college, I moved to Washington, D.C. and worked for the American Association of Dental Schools. I went back to nursing school at Marymount University in Arlington, VA.  I have worked as an RN in different settings –  hospital adult med/surg, office nursing, and school nursing.  Jeff and I are the parents of two young adult children, Will and Anne, both of whom (happily for us!) live in the Portland area.

Sara Merrill – Senior Warden

I was born and raised in NY. I attended UVM and USC graduate school and I enjoy being a Physical Therapist. My husband, Pete, and I are blessed with our son, Zach, who is now 16. We enjoy skiing, camping, biking, sailing, and being with friends and family.I was raised in the Episcopal Church and church has been a part of most of my life(not always voluntarily). I can remember on weekends in Vermont as a child, my mother dragging us to church IN OUR SKI BOOTS before hitting the slopes. When I moved to Maine in the early 90’s and then bought a house a couple years later in Cape Elizabeth, I decided that it was time to find a home church again. St. Alban’s was walking distance away, and an Episcopal Church, so it was the natural choice. While the demographics of the church and the physical church were a lot different then, the thing that is still the same and that has kept me here are the people and opportunity to experience God. It was the kindness of strangers welcoming me, the chance to explore my faith while not being judged for where I was on that journey, and the opportunity to help others that kept me coming back. All these things have continued to be true over the years at St. Alban’s and even truer today. These are just some of the things make St. Alban’s the special community that it is. A place that I, and my family, are so very grateful for. I look forward to serving as your Senior Warden and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Chris Pezzullo – Junior Warden

A long time member of the parish, Chris has been a leader and a follower in so many parts of St. Alban’s life, including leading youth group and Rite 13, guiding our Enriching our Worship project, serving on Sunday mornings and co-leading the Buildings and Grounds Committee. His young adult children and his wife Nancy have been active for years, as well. Chris received his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Story Brook, N.Y. and is a graduate of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his residency in pediatrics at Maine Medical Center. He was at University Health Care for Kids in Portland. He has newly joined Bayview Pediatrics part time and has taken on a new role as Medical Director for the Division of Population Health at the Maine Center for Disease Control. His interests include behavioral health, integrative medicine, asthma and allergy. he is an expert on Maine’s opioid challenge.

Bill bell – Vestry

Bill Bell has been a member of St. Alban’s for almost ten years and is also a reader and chalice bearer at the 8:00 a.m.  service. He is a member of the St. Alban’s Green ministry. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Saco; he owns a small non-profit association management firm in Portland.  He describes his journey to St. Alban’s as “a long one”. “I attended the Church of England while growing up in The Netherlands. Several years following confirmation, I questioned and then set aside relationships with organized religion. I sought to find God on my own. Fifty years later, still searching, a friend introduced me to St. Alban’s. I attended a small morning service in Bonoff Hall, and then asked if I might, alone, sit in the sanctuary. My eyes then welled up with tears, for I knew my search had ended—this was where I belonged. I am now deeply honored to be of service to St. Alban’s”

Doug JonesDoug Jones – Treasurer

Doug is Vice President of Commercial Lending at Biddeford Savings Bank in Scarborough with over 20 years of banking and lending experience.He has extensive community leadership experience as a Board member with numerous nonprofit and community organizations including the NH Art Association; the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce; the Kiwanis Club and the Westbrook Youth Center, “Mission Possible.” He currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Salvation Army of Greater Portland, and is active in his children’s sports and school programs.
Doug has a been a member of St. Alban’s since 2002 and lives in South Portland with his wife Erin and their three children, Margaret, Clara and Peter.

Sheila Zimmerman – Vestry

My husband, Pete, and I both came from the same town in Connecticut, but only met when I was senior at Boston College. Over the course of our 53-year (and counting!) marriage, Pete’s retail career took us to seven states where we raised three children, Jeff, Lisa and Kate, who have since blessed us with six terrific grandchildren.   We decided Maine was a good place to put down roots after a job transfer took us to Cape Elizabeth in 1986.  Pete bought a business in Portland and I took a job at The Cape Courier as production manager/proofreader, where during the next twenty-seven years I became acquainted with some of the people and good works of St. Alban’s. Just over two years ago I decided to give St. Alban’s a try. From the first service I attended, I felt spiritually enriched in a way I had missed for years. Worshipping here has become one of the richest blessings of my life and being welcomed into the community by so many wonderful people has been a joy.   I’m currently a new member of the Altar Guild, the offering counting crew and the book group, all activities I enjoy along with various other church programs I’ve attended. It’s an honor to be asked to serve on the Vestry, and I look forward to the opportunity to deepen my commitment to this special place

LYNNE LOVETT – Diocese of Maine Convention Delegate
I was born and raised in Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville, NY ,where I sang in the Jr. Choir, was in the Youth Group, and was married.
I graduated from Vermont College and met my husband there on a double date.  After graduation I began my life as a medical assistant at Mass. General Hospital, and several private practices as we moved from Connecticut, where my husband earned his doctorate and our children were born, to Ann Arbor MI, to Cape Elizabeth in 1984 when my husband was recruited by Maine Medical Center.
I found my way to St. Alban’s four years ago; honestly, it was the best move ever!  I have gradually gotten my feet wet working in the gardens with Lisa, being the “rookie” of the altar guild, joining the St. Luke’s Pantry crew,  and  participating in the Betsy Ross House ministry.  I still have lots to learn and it is an honor to be asked to represent our congregation as a delegate at the convention.

ANNE SEDLACK – Diocese of Maine Convention Delegate

I am currently a first year student at Maine Law and have been living in Portland for the past five years. I discovered St. Albans a couple of years ago when I knew that I was missing something in my life. My parents invited me to come along with them to a mass they had been raving about at 530 on Sunday night over in Cape Elizabeth. Ever since I started coming, I have looked forward to going to Celtic Eventide and to continue to offer my time to the church that has given so much to me.

My first step in service was to help out with the St. Albans high school youth group, which is a hilarious and kind group of young people that adds so much to my life. I have been working/praying/playing alongside them for the past year and a half and it has been a joy.   I am honored to take this next step as a delegate for St. Albans. I hope to be able to listen to all voices to be able to choose a Bishop that represents who we stand for as a community.

LISA LEIGHTON – Diocese of Maine Convention Delegate

I was born and raised in Maine and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1993 and the University of Maine School of Law in 1998.  After graduation, my husband, Chip, and I spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I worked as a legal editor for a legal publisher.  We returned to Maine in 2004 when our son Matthew was a year old.  We lived on MDI for 3 years and attended St. John The Divine Episcopal Church in Southwest Harbor, and in 2007 I was received into the Episcopal Church.  We then moved to Southern Maine in 2008 after our daughter Laura was born, and started attending St. Alban’s. I am a member of the handbell choir and participate as an intercessor.  I am grateful for the relationships I’ve formed in this wonderful St. Alban’s community.

RED SULLIVAN – Diocese of Maine Convention Delegate

I was raised Catholic in upstate New York and attended the University of Notre Dame, followed by medical school.  I worked as Neurologist in Portland from 1976 to 2015, and continue as a volunteer at the Greater Portland Health Center. Our three sons and families, with four granddaughters, live in Maryland and Chicago. My wife Louise and I were looking for a new faith community in 2012 , and were led to St. Alban’s.   We have found our home, and have thrived in this remarkable community embracing meaningful worship, community and world service, and education.  Louise and I sing in the choir, and have enjoyed a number of educational offerings in the parish.  I appreciate the support for open enquiry and personal growth. I am honored to serve the Episcopal Church as a delegate.

TIM QUEENEY – Diocese of Maine Convention Delegate

My first year at St. Albans was 1996 when Linton Studiford was the rector and Bonoff Hall was only a hazy dream. Parishoners still had to trudge down the path to the old detached hall and the arduous trip took its toll on coffee hour attendance. I helped teach Sunday school in the basement classrooms (which we discovered were in violation of the fire code!). Worked on the fundraising effort for Bonoff Hall and also served a short hitch on the vestry in 2000-2001 when Jim Adams was rector. My three boys all attended Sunday school and they were part of the all-Queeney ushering team that had a long and successful run ushering the 4pm Christmas service — with its heavy attendance, handheld candles, critical post-communion bell distribution and crying kids unable to hold it together for one more night. As a convention delegate I’m eager to meet folks from other parishes and see how the St. Albans point of view fits into the Diocesan whole.

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