St. Alban’s Vestry

In a long-standing tradition, each parish in the Episcopal Church elects lay members to serve with the Rector on a Vestry, the governing and decision-making body for the church. The Vestry’s duties include calling the Rector, approving the budget and making policy. The Vestry is led by the Senior and Junior Warden, and works closely with the Rector in faithfully guiding the parish forward. Authority within the church is divided between the Bishop of Maine, the Rector and the Vestry working together in a collaborative way.

At St. Alban’s, eleven vestry members serve and are elected at an annual meeting in January to serve three year terms. At St. Alban’s the Vestry meetings are scheduled the second Tuesday of each month and open to the whole congregation.


Current Vestry Members

Officers for 2018

Sara Merrill, Senior Warden

Lisa Newbold, Junior Warden

Doug Jones, Treasurer



Bill Bell, term to expire at the end of 2020

Sarah Choi, 2020

Maryann Sedlack, 2020

Shelia Zimmerman 2020


Diocese of Maine Convention Delegates for 2018 and Special Bishop Election Convention February 2019

Lisa Leighton

Lynn Lovett

Tim Queeney

Anne Sedlack

Red Sullivan

On-going members of your Vestry are:

Beth Callaway, Liz Davy, Joan Hankinson,

Katie Payson, David Stankiewicz & Tim Boggs

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Photo Gallery


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