Safe Church Training

Reverend Timothy BoggsDear Members of St. Alban’s,

As your Rector, one of my first priorities is ensuring that St. Alban’s is a safe place. I think and work and pray on this obligation every day.

And I know you actively share this priority.

Indeed, one of the key responsibilities we all have for one another is to keep each other safe–especially the youngest and most vulnerable among us. That is why for many years, we have required that people who work with children and those who make home visits have training in “Safe Church” practices: how to maintain appropriate boundaries, watch for any sort of abusive risk, and what the danger signs are.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maine has introduced an entirely new, online program of safe church training, and I think it is terrific. It is accessible, clear, and not time-consuming.

At St. Alban’s, completion of this new on-line offering will henceforth be required of each member of the clergy, staff, vestry, and all volunteers who work with children or visit folks in homes.

I hope no one will find this requirement onerous or keep them from serving. Because the safety of our parish is so central to our identity and responsibility, I will be personally working with each participant to be help and ensure they have met this requirement.

It is serous but not difficult to be trained in Safe Church awareness and practice. People doing different sorts of work in the church will be asked to take different mixes of courses, with content relevant to their particular areas of focus. This training replaces the previous in-person seminar approach which we have long been using.

At home and on-line each participant completes four standard short course modules plus selected ones for their particular role in church. For example, youth workers will take the standard modules, plus one specialized one. The Vestry will take the standard modules plus another specialized one, etc. You may take any additional modules you wish. I have taken them all and found them informative.

Each short course is followed by a brief, intuitive quiz. After each participant has completed their course(s), they will be asked to send me a copy of the course-completion certificate they receive. All these steps can be done easily on-line.

How to Begin Safe Church Online Training
First, you enroll in the program. The instructions for self-enrollment are all included on this Quick Start Guide.

To Enroll:
1. Go to
2. Enter the registration code: diome207
3. Fill out the form and click the link to enroll. Be sure to select the correct organization and position from the drop down.
4. Print the page or write down your user login and password for future reference.
5. To begin taking training immediately, click the first link shown or follow the instructions below to login later.

After you enroll and have been given a log-in and password, you will be instructed to move to another web page. This is your training site. You will need to complete the modules assigned.

To Begin Training:
1. Go to
2. Click the link at the bottom of the page
3. Enter your user login and password.
4. Click on the title of the course to begin.

When you have completed the modules, please PRINT two copies of your certificate of completion (one for your records and one to submit to your congregation).
If you have technical questions or concerns during enrollment, please contact technical support at 817-801-7773 or They will respond to your request as soon as possible, but be aware that this may be up to 3 days. If you have other questions about enrollment, please email

Safe Church Online Course Assignments
For your information only (you do not need to select these; courses are automatically assigned when you choose your “position”), the chart below shows which additional course assignment(s) are associated with each position.
It is important that when you enroll, you select the correct position because the modules that you are required to complete will be based on the duties of your role at your church. All people who sign up will take four core modules: “Hello, I’m Sam”, “It Happened to Me”, “Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith for Ministries”, and “Safeguarding God’s People: Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Communities of Faith for Congregations”.

Safe Church Chart


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