Building Connections: The St. Alban’s Haiti Partnership

Building Connections with Hands   Partners a World Away

In 2007 St. Alban’s Parish entered into a partnership with St. Luc’s Church and School in Trou-du-Nord, Haiti. The partnership is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Maine Haiti Partnership Program. The primary goal of the partnership is to foster and nurture a relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Aptly named Building Connections, our partnership has been strengthened by annual visits to Haiti to  exchange ideas with our Haitian partners and to explore hopes and dreams and work together to discern where the path of the partnership will lead.

A History of the Haiti Initiatives

St. Alban’s partnership with St. Luc’s has been strengthened by the thoughtful exchange of ideas, resources, talents, hope and friendship.  Together we have accomplished significant goals, some of which are listed below. Each of these improvements eases the burden of poverty while enhancing the learning environment.

 Upcoming – 2018 

Yes! We’re going to Haiti to see our 
St. Luc’s friends and partners!
This year our journey to Haiti will be February 1st-9th.

More Food for Thought – 2015
It became ever more clear that feeding the children during the school day was a significant priority, and one that required additional attention.  Until this year, the kitchen was comprised of tarps, a wooden table, and a fire pit where the midday meal of beans and rice was prepared for over 100 children each day.  The addition of a propane stove will  make it possible for meals to be provided in a more reliable and efficient way.  For the coming program year, our fundraising efforts will focus on making sure St. Luc’s has the food basics, such as beans and rice, to cook a hot meal for the students during the day.  In addition, St. Alban’s will continue to support a major portion of the salaries for teachers who often work for months without getting paid.

Food for Thought – 2014
Continued generosity of resources resulted in fundraising for improved access to midday meals, a filtration system to ensure safe drinking water, a stove for the kitchen to replace the fire pit currently in use, and continued support of teachers’ salaries.

Building Connections – 2013
Fundraising efforts helped realize a functional computer lab, preparing the way for trade school programs.

On the “RISE” (Read. Inspire. Sustain. Evolve) – 2012
As we look at ways to inspire students, funds were raised for a small library and to assess the feasibility of a trade school in the newly finished building.  St. Alban’s sponsored a U.S. seminarian who spent six weeks at St. Luc’s supporting their emerging summer community programs.
hop scotch 3
Love and Learning – 2011
St. Alban’s raised 70% of St. Luc’s annual teacher and staff salaries.

Raise the Roof (Capital Campaign Phase 2) – 2010
With substantial funding from a UTO grant and contributions from St. Alban’s fundraising efforts, the construction project came to fruition. At last the massive roof was completed, doors and windows were installed in classrooms, and railings were constructed to ensure safety along the second floor hallways. St Luc’s goal of housing a trade school was now within reach.St Lucs later

Power of Ten (Capital Campaign Phase 1) – 2009
A community fundraising effort resulted in the completion of three rooms, providing secure food storage for the implementation of a lunch program.  Teachers’ salaries support continued.

Building Connections – 2008
The Partnership focused on developing relationships. As needs were identified, common goals were established. Assistance was provided for teachers’ salaries and student tuitions.  Research began on options for finishing and improving the school structure.

Thy Well Be Done – 2007St. Lucs
A well was drilled on the school grounds,  providing  students, staff, and the community access to safe, clean drinking water.












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