A Rector’s Note on St. Alban’s Safety

A Rector’s Note on St. Alban’s Safety

There is nothing more important to your Vestry, staff and me than that St. Alban’s continues to be a truly safe place. This is to be a sacred space where we know and share God’s gift of peace. I share with you all this affirmative responsibility. And as part of this commitment, our team has all had “Safe Church” training, and we have a continual alertness to any risks.

This past Sunday, a young man in need of mental health care interrupted our Celtic Eventide service, and I left the sanctuary for a time to be with him while Fr. Reed led our worship. Several members of the congregation helped by engaging and with our thanks kept the situation calm. Our worship and fellowship proceeded smoothly, although I appreciate the anxiety many felt.

It was decided that this man’s need for care was sufficient to call 911. We then learned that the Cape Elizabeth Police were looking for him. The police arrived and quietly arrested him for outstanding charges.

Our Wardens, Treasurer, Reed+ and I have had the matter under discussion this week. I have consulted Bishop Lane and the Diocese Chancellor, and I met with Cape Elizabeth Police Chief Neil Williams today. At the Chief’s recommendation, we have asked the Police to issue a “No Trespassing” citation, letting this individual know that, for now, he is not welcome on the St. Alban’s campus. Your Vestry will discuss how to proceed on this or other options at our meeting on Tuesday April 12th.

We will do all that we can to sustain our good, safe place at St. Alban’s. And we will keep this troubled fellow in our prayers, actively alert to ways we could help him and his family. As hard as it is to curtail our welcome to St. Alban’s, I am confident, given the disruptive behavior this is a prudent and fair course.  As always, feel free to be in touch with our Wardens John Hartley and Lisa Newbold or me in person or at tboggs@stalbansmaine.org with any questions, concerns or recommendations.



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