A Nourishing Word, St. Alban’s Sermon Podcasts

Missed a sermon? 
Want to listen to a certain preacher, date or week ?
We have a new offering:
Introducing our Podcast channel called
A Nourishing Word.

What’s new?

  • St. Alban’s has a podcast channel as an additional way to listen to recordings of St. Alban’s sermons and Celtic Eventide reflections.  The sermons and reflections will also continue to be published online at our website.
  • Our podcast channel is called “A nourishing Word – St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Cape Elizabeth, Maine”
  •  The week’s sermon / reflection (if recorded) will be published within the following week, usually on Monday.

What is a podcast?

A podcast channel is a way of distributing audio / visual material online.

You need to have an Podcast app on your mobile device to access podcasts.

For a list of these applications, go to: https://www.podcastinsights.com/best-podcast-apps/

There are many free apps; you don’t need to buy an app to listen to our sermons / reflections.

What are the advantages of a podcast?

Episodes can be downloaded so a person can listen to them while offline.

Once you “subscribe” to a podcast channel, new “episodes” (sermons and reflections) will automatically appear in your podcast player app on your phone or computer.

How can I search for it?

  1. Download a podcast app on your mobile device, if you don’t already have one. ( Free apps that work both on iOS and Android devices  include: Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic.Castbox, Podbean, Stitcher, Laughable, TuneIn Radio, and Spotify are a few of the apps available).
  2. Open an podcast app or music app on your iPod, Smart Phone, or computer then do a search.  On Apple product, the app looks like the image to the right →
  3. Search for our channel by some search terms like  “sermons St. Alban’s” or “A nourishing Word.” See the image below for what it looks like in iTunes.
  4. You will recognize our Lenten Cross image or the St. Alban’s Flower that we use in other materials.

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