You have been invited by your St. Alban’s Stewardship Committee to make your annual pledge, a pledge from your great store of gifts, to help build God’s miracles in this place and in all the places we take God’s nurturing love. Our gifts of time and talent and treasure…meager though they may seem to us at times…are, in the hands of God, the stuff of great things. Miracles, ordinary and extraordinary.

We can often clearly imagine God’s reconciling and enabling hopes for ourselves and all of creation. We can often see Christ alive in our midst. And when we see what we can see, we are invited to do what we can do–go to the shelter, teach the class, make the meal, dream the dream, write the check, work on the farm — be the flesh and muscle that the word of God becomes.

Miracles are made of action…the action of holding up our gifts from God and bringing them alive into the world. God can make miracles. Of that we are sure. The only real question is whether or not we will let Him make one out of us. We can once again bring our gifts out into the light and life of the world. And when we do, we let the miracles be made among us! Through the sharing of our gifts we become the blessings we seek for ourselves and the world.

Our prayer is that you will hold up your gifts, see them and know them for the treasures they are…and then that you will share them widely so they may flourish as only God can make them do. Please watch for the fresh pledge packet…prepared just for you…and then let God make miracles out of us.

A pledge is a promise to provide a certain amount of financial support to St. Alban’s during 2017.  Annual pledges and Sunday offerings are the sole source of funding for everything we do at St. Alban’s.  We receive no support from the Diocese and we do not have an endowment that is sufficient to fund day-to-day expenses.  Pledges allow us to budget wisely as we offer ministries and services to our congregation, the larger community, and the wider world.


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