St. Alban’s Adult Formation offerings for Fall 2017

Faith seeking Understanding…

St. Alban’s Adult Formation offerings for fall 2017

Building connections, understandings and faith.


  • How’s Your Prayer Life? , a Saturday retreat October 14, followed by a sermon and a class on Sunday the15th. SIGN-UP FOR RETREAT OPEN.

Led by the Rev. Brian C Taylor, a gifted retired Episcopal priest and retreat leader, the parish will learn with Brian from the pulpit, in a coffee-hour class, and during a Saturday on-campus retreat exploring contemplative and reflective prayer practices.


  • Carl Jung: a Doctor of the Soul, a 2-part Sunday morning class.

October 22 & 29 following 9:30am worship SIGN-UP OPEN

Led by the Rev. Dr. Tom Cushman, this class will open our eyes to the helpful ways Jung understood the soul and the healing to be found in the spiritual journey. Questions abound! What is soul? Do we have soul? How do psyche and faith relate?


  • Episcopal 101- Re-discovering the Anglican Tradition and Hope, a 3-class course.

October 18, 25 and Nov. 1 at 6:30pm   SIGN-UP OPEN

Led by the Rev. Tim Boggs we will look into the basics of the Christian faith as received and celebrated by the Episcopal Church. A course for newcomers and old-timers. Confirmation or Reception in The Episcopal may follow, if a student so wishes.


  • Reading and Appreciating the Bible, an 8-part evening class.

let’s take the Bible seriously…but not literally.

Beginning in November. Watch for the sign-up sheet.

This eight week course, in engaging small groups of 6-10, will be led by the Rev Tim Boggs. Digging into the beauty of scripture, listening to appealing contemporary scholars, and then playfully getting in touch with our place in the story. This course, successfully test-driven this past summer by seminarian Holly Clark will use the Animate series, by WeareSparkHouse, a respected Protestant publisher.


  • Sacred Stories Small group facilitated, weekly, personal story-telling.,

Beginning in November. Watch for the sign-up sheet.

Refreshing a great St. Alban’s tradition, Sacred Stories offers a warm, confidential time for sharing. By touching on the sacred heart of our own stories we will find…through listening, prayer and laughter… the affinity, dignity and hope at the center of each other’s lives. Led by trained leaders these groups of 6-8 will meet weekly or bi-monthly (as group members prefer) throughout the late fall and winter.


Any question feel free to contact  Tim at


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