Essentials Pantry

Saint Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry

Saint Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry is a welcoming, no-barrier program of distribution of non-food essentials. The Pantry specifically distributes items not covered under the federal food stamp program, such as clothing, diapers, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and paper products.

St. Alban’s hosts the Essentials Pantry on nine Tuesdays annually. Distribution takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the parish hall of the Cathedral of St. Luke in Portland.

To learn more about our work with the Essentials Pantry, or to sign up to help, contact Kirsten Helfrich at 799-4014, or email

2014 Essential Pantry Dates

Tuesday, February 4th
Tuesday, March 18th
Tuesday, April 29th
Tuesday, June 10th
Tuesday, July 22nd
Tuesday, September 2nd
Tuesday, October 14th
Tuesday, November 25