Religious Education Registration Form

Please fill in the form below and click “Send Registration Form” at the bottom of the page to register your child electronically for a children’s or youth program, or print out the registration form and return to the church office. Please complete one form for each child that you are registering.  Thank you!

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Registering my child for:
 Godly Play (entering kindergarten 2015 or 2016) Our PLACE (1st-4th grade in 2015-2016) CONNECT (5th-6th grade in 2015-2016) Rite 13 (7th-8th grade in 2015-2016) Youth Group (High School in 2015-2016)

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Yes, I'd like to help out with one of this year's Special Programs:
 Christmas Pageant (December 20th) Shrove Tuesday Supper (February 9th) Maundy Thursday (March 24)

St. Alban's Episcopal Church Photo Release Form

St. Alban's includes photos of St. Alban's activities, events and parishioners on its website, bulletin boards, Facebook page, Albanor, and weekly emails. We will never list the children's names, nor will we list any addresses, emails or phone numbers.

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We/I hereby give permission for St. Alban's to place photos of my child on its website, bulletin boards, Facebook page, Albanor, and weekly email.
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