Family Promise Is Here!



I have great news to share….Family Promise of Greater Portland has announced they are ready to launched and will welcome guests at their first host congregation on July 9th.


There are eleven confirmed parishes, working in rotation to house and support the Family Promise guest families. Each time in the rotation that Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church (CEUMC) turn arises (a few times a year for one week) we will be their partners and fill-in the roles called for below. After some practice I’m confident this schedule and contribution will become familiar and doable!


As you know, St. Alban’s will be a support parish, assisting Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church, which will be the host parish. This begins on Sunday, August 13th through Sunday August 20th. Up to 14 individual guest/family members will be in residence under their safe and welcoming roof that week.


Current list of 11 confirmed host congregations in the Portland is below. What an exciting a diverse group of committee congregations


Week 1, July 9: Clark
Week 2, July 16: Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church

Week 3, July 23: Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church

Week 4, July 30: Bet Ha’am
Week 5, August 6: Woodfords
Week 6, August 13: Cape Elizabeth Methodist
Week 7, August 20: Williston Immanuel
Week 8, August 27: Hope Gate Way
Week 9, September 3: St. Ansgar Lutheran
Week 10, September 10: Falmouth UCC
Week 11, September 17: Portland Friends Meeting

Week 12, September 24: First Congregational Church, South Portland


This great news will enable us to finally, as a parish, respond to the needs and dreams of homeless families in our region.



Training for us, as support volunteers, will be a few weeks, before we actually begin, on that Sunday. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have before. The training will help us all define our roles, and answer questions about our in coming guests.


In addition, our congregation has been asked to donate 20 twin sheet sets (any color with 8″ deep pockets) for the 18 beds (14 for guests and 4 extra for overnight volunteers, 2 for kids with accidents) and 20 blankets. The beds are very nice. They are off the ground and are easy to blow up air mattresses.


Also, as a parish we will want to donate some cash each time we are helper hosts. This will be used to supplement food, and anything else that CEUMC needs to buy to supplement the program and meet guest needs. Fr. Tim will coordinate this collection and disbursement.


So… here is our support volunteer schedule for CEUMC beginning Sunday August 13th. You’ll see that there are 8 distinct opportunities for us to help from set-up to take down:


  1. Set-upSunday August 13 Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church (CEUMC) 12:30-3:30 pm 2-4 volunteers needed



  1. Dinner chefs: on each of the Mon-Wed evenings we provide dinner to feed 20 people-14 guests and up to 4 volunteers. One St. Alban’s family can do this alone for an evening or many people could do this together. We also will have access to St. Alban’s kitchen to prepare meals. Food preferences, allergies, etc.. will be known at least 1-2 weeks in advance. A variety of healthy food choices are desired. Dinner needs to arrive by 5:30pm to CEUMC ready to be put on tables at 6pm-615pm. Our guests will be hungry and arrive back at the Church around 530-6pm. You have option of just dropping food off and leaving. You do not need to stay and serve and eat, etc.


  1. Dinner hosts. We will need 4 volunteers to be there from 530pm-730pm.


  1. Evening hosts: 4 volunteers needed-if you are coming in at 530pm to drop off a meal but want to stay and resume hosting here also, please be sure to highlight that in red when signing up to volunteer. Normally these volunteers stay until 10pm. Ensures guests have what they need for the night, might help initially making lunches for the next day, dinner clean up, read stories to kids, etc. 


  1. Overnight hosts: 1st week CEUMC will do most of the work. St. Alban’s can send 1-2 volunteers to observe what the role is. Needed 10pm-530am.


  1. Breakfast/wake-up hosts: 0530 overnight host goes home. 2-4 volunteers needed. Ensures all guests are up by 6am. Help serve simple breakfast and ensures guests are ready to leave by 0700 when van arrives to pick them up.


  1. Activity hosts: can be part of evening hosts group. Kids can make items to give to our guests on arrival that are both entertaining and welcoming. 2-4 volunteers need. 


  1. Take down helpers. Sunday August 20: take down- everything needs to be emptied out of the rooms, loaded onto the van and put away before mass. TBD the time. CEUMC will need to be cleaned up for their 0930 mass. 2 volunteers are needed to help CEUMC and St. Bart.


Thank you in advance for your generous support for this important ministry here.

Debbie Phelan 207-650-1927

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