Family Promise!



St. Alban’s has joined
Greater Portland Family Promise
 Helping Local Homeless Families 


What is Family Promise?
Family Promise is a national ecumenical organization that provides temporary shelter, meals, and support services to local families who are experiencing temporary homelessness. 


The goal is to support families through this difficulty time so that they can regain independence as soon as possible. The families that participate in this program have a very high success rate of meeting this goal within several weeks.
When? St. Alban’s is collaborated with other local churches on  Sunday, August 13 – 15. We will serve three other weeks in the next program year and will post those dates here soon.


 The Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church (CEUMC) is the physical site where the families will be hosted. United Methodist and St. Bartholomew’s Roman Catholic Church, Cape Elizabeth are our partners for this ecumenical, community project.


Sign up to help host the families at CEUMC. There are a variety of ways to help to support the success of these families. See the sign up sheets in Bonoff Hall.  Debbie Phelan, Margot Brill, or Ginny Secco with questions.

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